Computing / 20 May 2018
Windows and Mac

Windows and Mac, two men and two destinies

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were born the same year, in 1955. The life course of Steve Jobs led to the development of the multinational company Apple and of the serie of Mac computers, this of Bill Gates led to the development of the Microsoft corporation and of the operating system Windows. Two very similar life courses, although very different.

Pro Windows or pro Mac ? A computer expert friend told me recently that his dream had always been to be able to use a Mac design and integrate a Windows system into it, in other words to put a Windows content inside the ‘shell’ of a Mac. His thought echoed with me because I always dreamt for the two firms to merge for the best. Wouldn’t that make us happy ? No more incompatibility between the two interfaces !

Photo by Michael Murphy on Unsplash

Photo by Radu Marcusu on Unsplash

And then recently, while reading more about the life course of these two geniuses, I thought again about my friend’s remark. Didn’t he summarize the background story? On one side a Steve Jobs oriented innovation and design while on the other side a Bill Gates evolving with programmation? But let me show you this article of ‘Le Parisien’. It sums up well the crossed destinies of these two men :

Read more in this article in “Le Parisien” – in French

…and at the end of the article you’ll find out…that they’re not alone…

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