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I am often asked: “how much does a website cost?”. It’s obvious that I can not pull a price out of a hat. I will answer you then: “what are your needs and what is your budget?”.

To determine more precisely what your needs are, you will need to fill in a list of specifications. To help you I have created one in the form of a question list, which will allow to establish a personnalized estimate. Keeping in mind the budget that you have considered, I can tell you if it is realistic or if your request must be readjusted. In any case I will try to find with you the best solution.

And finally you will find below the different formulas and packages: website design, 3 maintenance packages or occasional interventions. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question. I will be happy to help you and answer you.


2 formulas for website design

Website ‘key in hand’ or ‘site & maintenance’, you have the choice between 2 formulas. One gives you full autonomy while the other allows you to go about other occupations while your site is managed in peace.


3 packages for maintenance

The BASIC package ensures minimal maintenance, the COMFORT package frees you a little time and the SERENITY package allows you to fully focus on your business because your site, I take care of it!


3 assistance packages

You need troubleshooting or support for your site? According to your needs, I propose 3 formulas: the first formula at the hour, the second formula at the half day and the third fourmula at the day. Just call!

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