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Loubna Cadoret – portrait

In our daily life, we meet people whose faces are familiar and we think we know them. So as not to miss out on these fabulous people e com image created its “portraits”.


“My name is Loubna, but I love to be called Loubika”


When we enter Loubna’s show, we get into her travel diary. Her memories, texts, quotes, shots, cuttings, are affixed to the walls as in a logbook. Then we discover her subtly composed photos: slightly off snapshots of a tiny moment of life where we imagine that she turned her head to notice a detail that no one else would have seen. We slip into a universe without geography. Each image comes from far away but none has a label and this intentional neutrality is reinforced by a collective bluish veil. It is clear that Loubika does not do the tourist photo but rather she seeks to share an emotion and it’s successful. We come out transcended.


Loubika is only 21 and yet…

THE CIRCUS – She is trained at the circus by the troupe Ska Barré. Then at age 11 she goes to see a circus in Apt. She is so amazed by the representation under the tent that she goes immediately to the director of the company and declares “I can do circus and I want to do a show ! “. Obviously amazed by her guts, the director bursts out laughing but responds “come tomorrow and make your show !”. The next day Loubika addresses the challenge by returning to the circus to perform an aerial canvas performance. This will be the beginning of her circus adventure with ‘La Fabuleuz Meskine’.
She leaves Secondary school and completes her 8th grade student class by correspondence, to go on ‘tour’ in the region with the group. In this world of adults among whom she is the only teenager, she opens up to sport and social life. Her mother Véro follows her by taking part in administrative tasks and sometimes by overcoming the company’s need for minor roles. Then Loubika resumes her 9th grade at Apt Secondary school, enriched by her experiences but happy to regain a social life with other teenagers.

THE PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE WRITING “I’m passionate about photography, I’m not a photographer. Photography gives the power to stop the moment, to illustrate stories or create new ones. I do not have a particuliar style of photography, I capture what I like, I compose my images on the job, sometimes without any thought. These are simple pieces of time, which will never come back. “ Loubika holds this passion from her father since childhood. After her 9th grade she passes her photographer “CAP” (vocational certificate). Writing is another passion of Loubna that goes back to childhood. Even when I had not learned to form words yet, I filled pages of what could look like fuzzy texts. I used this admiration for the paper to preserve the smallest moment of my life, by the image as by the writing. The notebook is something very personal, it changes over the course of life, it evolves with the person who holds it. And when you take the time to dive back in, that’s where all the magic comes from. All sensations noted are again real, they move in the body, they make us travel. No need to go far to write, time will do the job alone”.

THE PASTRY – Her mother Véro and Simon, her companion, then open the associative bar ‘La Fabuleuz’, down from the village of Saignon. Loubika offers her help and is assigned the task of making desserts. She enjoys it so much that her sister Zoé urges her to pass her pastry “CAP” (vocational certificate). Loubika doesn’t need to be begged about it. To obtain an additional mention, she practices her new passion in a restaurant in the Pyrénées where, impressed by her culinary creations, she is put in charge of the pastry section.

THE TRIPS – Diplomas in hand, Loubika leaves two years ago for the USA that she crosses from east to west, with the goal of reaching the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. Then she leaves again to discover Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Her culinary skills, supported by the international aura that French gastronomy confers, allow her to survive in the course of her travels.

Véro needing a big break after several years of intense efforts and the closure of La Fabuleuz, Loubika will ‘kidnap’ her mother for a European journey. They travel to Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Then Loubika will travel alone to Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, England and Belgium.

Loubika departs again for the United Arab Emirates, where she suffers intensely from the heat, then the Philippines, where people are adorable, Australia, Singapore. “We had to go to China and instead we went to prison. At the Chinese border, we showed our passports, but they were damaged because of the rain. We were therefore sent back to Singapore for 30 hours of custody, in the most total uncertainty. I was traveling with Mathieu, my life and travel companion. We did not have the right to talk to each other. I remember it as the most intense moment of my two years of traveling. In those moments we learn so much about ourselves.” And what was the best moment? “The salt desert (salar of Uyuni in the Andes in Southwest Bolivia), magical, inexplicable. Then the moment I could connect my music to the SUV radio. Music inspires, relaxes and evacuates many things. I can not live without music”. Loubika traveled mainly with others, but she also appreciates being alone, for the feeling of immense freedom that it gives her, like a near jubilant irreverence. “The feeling of freedom makes me drive straight for hours. It’s a need to take away, to take off. I go where I want, always further…”. On each of her birthdays, she leaves alone for a new city and books her first night in a hostel. The following nights do not get organized, but settle around the contacts she will make.


Loubika plans to return to Australia in the coming days. She will spend three months installing solar panels, for a salary equivalent to one year of work in France. A precious time saving, so she can enjoy her passions unabated, treat the gourmets with pastries, travels and pictures and continue to make us dream. She also wants to evolve to a “BTM” (Vocational Qualification in the Trade of Pastry) in order to teach her passion around the world. After two years spent in hot countries, she dreams of the freshness of the mountains of Asia or Switzerland. From her travels she has learned that we eat well in France and on each return she marvels at the beauty of her country.
Loubika is a young woman who feels good about herself, a quiet force, anchored yet free, fresh and voluntary, an inspiration, a stimulant, a young woman as we like them.

Text by Sylvie Houssais – e com image –‘Reproduction prohibited, all rights reserved.’

Photos by Jacques Huissoud –‘Reproduction prohibited, all rights reserved.’

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