Projects / 05 Jun 2018
The Poterie de Pierroux

The Poterie de Pierroux is a guesthouse located in the town of Roussillon, Provence. It is managed by Morgane and Lionel. Originally it’s a big house arranged around a patio. The house was invested in 1985 by Claire and Jean-Philippe, Morgane’s parents. They established their pottery workshop there (it was Jean-Philippe’s passion), as well as 4 guest rooms.

Morgane and Lionel needed badly a new website. So they asked me to do it for them. They already knew precisely what they wanted. They also knew what they didn’t want, and that helped me a lot.

It was important for them to have a very visual website, with lots of images. They asked Mathias Caumont to do the pics. At the time of writing this, not all the pictures are uploaded yet. It is indeed important not to forget that the request has been made during winter time, and that the picture album needs to be ‘built’ through the seasons.

The reservation had to be made as simple as possible. The website structure had to be clear. Morgane and Lionel needed an English translation, what I did handle.

Morgane, Lionel and their three children will welcome you in all simplicity. They can advise you on outings to do in this beautiful region of the Luberon. In their guesthouse you will find rest, relaxation, friendliness, comfort and at breakfast you’ll be able to taste the fresh local products. There is of course much more to discover so please go visit their website

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